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It's important to build a relationship with a local auto repair shop here in the Sun City area if you own a car. Not only will you need maintenance regularly, but you will have repairs that come up occasionally and finding a good, professional and honest auto repair shop will not only give you peace of mind, but also keep your pocketbook happy as well.

AAA DesignationASE - Automotive Service ExcellenceFirst, designations like AAA, ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) and I-CAR Gold do make a difference. Shops that carry these designations have to meet certain requirements and are signs of a reputable shop.

Do they keep a clean shop? If you see oil cans, worn tires and garbage on the shop floor, think twice about using that shop. Mechanics that keep a clean workspace are often more reliable and professional.

Be wary if you hear scare tactics like 'I wouldn't drive this another mile' from a mechanic. Get a second opinion.

A reputable shop will inspect your car visually to determine what your issue is, normally at no cost or for a nominal fee.

Are they friendly and professional? Reputable shops make it a point to treat their customers professionally with integrity and respect.

Does the shop have the equipment and resources to be able to diagnose or resolve your issues? A quick glance into their garage area will give you a good idea if they are equipped to help you.

And lastly, does the mechanic check to see if there are any other obvious issues and bring them to your attention? Reputable shops make 'no pressure' recommendations that could affect your safety or your car running properly so you can plan ahead or resolve them at the same time you're already there.

Your vehicle is important to your everyday life. Use these tips to find a reputable shop here in the Sun City area!

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